Custom Molding
Our plants employ compression, transfer and injection technology to produce open and closed cell sponge rubber as well as solid (dense) rubber. Molded open cell sponge rubber (often called foam) has tremendous compression set. We have found using open cell sponge gives a high quality seal in gasket applications that more than matches expensive dense and closed cell sponge at a significant savings. We produce sponge and dense rubber in all durometers, from soft to very firm (20-90 Durometer)

Johnson Bros Rubber bonds rubber to metal and plastic. We have versatile and unique equipment and processes so we welcome unusual projects. We will work with you to make your project successful.

R & D Lab Testing , Fast, Efficient Prototyping
JBR has a well-equipped R&D elastomeric materials laboratory staffed with a Chemist, an assistant Chemist and technicians.  We conduct routine quality assurance testing and supply material quality assurance certifications.  If your material requirement does not match our extensive library of formulas, we also have the resources to quickly develop formulas to meet your exact specifications.  Whether your material specs are internal or industrial (ASTM, SAE, MIL, etc.) we can do the job.  With our in-house material development capabilities, we can put a prototype part in your hands much faster. If you don’t have a specification or know what material you need we have the experience to help guide you to a correct selection.

Quality Assurance
We have been ISO 9001 certified since 2003. Our quality staff will customize a quality assurance program with parameters that meet your needs and will adjust to your ongoing requirements.


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